Media Advisory: Tsinghua Week April 5-7

ATTENTION: Writers covering Asian and international affairs, science, transportation, technology, entrepreneurship, green electronics, architecture and higher education


Tsinghua Week at the University of California, Berkeley, 2010, is series of public forums between top scholars, Nobel Prize-winning physicists, students and administrators from two of the world’s leading research universities – UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

The event is unique in terms of the large number of participants from Tsinghua University –almost 150 – and the breadth of discussion topics. Those subjects include religion, philosophy, history, higher education trends in the United States and China, narrative in the contemporary novel, energy efficiency, green construction, government policy, intelligent transportation systems, entrepreneurship, technology and building new cities.

The goal of Tsinghua Week is to bridge research and learning across the Pacific and to strengthen ties between the two campuses.


Monday through Wednesday, April 5-7.


Various campus locations and off-campus at the Richmond Field Station.


Participants will include UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and Tsinghua University President Binglin Gu, as well as UC Berkeley Nobel laureates George Smoot and Charles Townes (both professors of physics) and Chen Ning Yang, a Nobel laureate and physics professor at Tsinghua University. The laureates will all be on a panel on Monday, April, 5, exploring the frontiers of physics.


All programs are free and open to the public. A complete schedule of events, a list of participants, a map and other information about Tsinghua Week are online. For a copy of the program, contact Kathleen Maclay in UC Berkeley Media Relations at

Tsinghua Week events are being hosted by UC Berkeley’s Office of the Chancellor and organized and staffed by the campus’s Institute of East Asian Studies.


To arrange interviews with the Tsinghua University delegation, contact Song Peijing, deputy chief of Office of Overseas Promotion, at or +86 139 1117 0265 (cell phone). She will arrive in Berkeley on Saturday, April 3. To arrange interviews with the Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, contact Mary Trechock at