Hunger strikers call off fast; chancellor and group meet

Representatives from the Hunger for Justice group, who have been engaged in a 10-day hunger strike over a number of issues, called an end to the strike today (Wednesday, May 12) at 3:30 p.m. The chancellor and other administrators met with the group shortly thereafter.

Today’s meeting marked the fourth conversation between members of the administration and the strikers to discuss the concerns and issues raised by the group.

“We are very pleased that the students have ended their hunger strike,” said Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau. “We take their concerns and issues very seriously, and we share their passion for equity and inclusion on our campus. We discussed the commitments we have already made and clarified several issues of concern to the group.”

“They raised a number of issues and topics of importance to our entire campus community,” said George Breslauer, executive vice chancellor and provost. “I appreciate and admire their dedication to the issues and concerns they have raised.”

As a result of today’s meeting, campus leaders have committed to work with the group to create a common document that outlines the work ahead.

“Today’s meeting was an important step in providing further assurances of our commitment to supporting our Chicano/Latino campus community,” said Harry Le Grande, vice chancellor, Student Affairs.