Incandescent bulbs may be a waste of energy and money — but as Politico reports, if you’re against them, you’re a socialist:

Hoping to counter attacks from his right, Rep. Fred Upton is promising to reexamine a controversial ban on incandescent light bulbs if he becomes chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The Michigan Republican told POLITICO on Thursday that he’s not afraid to go back after an issue he once supported but that has come under withering assault on the conservative airwaves, including on Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s talk shows. . .

Upton’s bid to be the next Energy and Commerce Committee leader has been rocked by allegations that he’s too moderate for the post.

Beck called him “all socialist” for cosponsoring legislation phasing out incandescent light bulbs that made it into a 2007 energy law signed by President George W. Bush.

Where would we be without Glenn Beck? Who could disagree with his measured, thoughtful assessment: “I hate fluorescent light bulbs, hate them with everything in me. Hate them, hate them, hate them.”  It’s hard to imagine that some people actually take courses on energy and economics and environmental science, when it’s really all so simple.

Still, it’s good to know that there’s still someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for the use of obsolete technologies and the right of every citizen to overpay for electricity. And even more comforting to know that so many of those people have now joined the House of Representatives.

Next Glenn Beck target: socialist neo-Nazi George-Soros-inspired laws that keep horses and buggies off interstate highways.

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