Pomp and Circumstance, preschool style

Rounding out May’s spate of campus graduation ceremonies was an outdoor event May 20 at the Harold E. Jones Child Study Center’s University Preschool — honoring nearly two dozen giggling, squirming four- and five-year-olds.

5 years olds in flower masks

University Preschool grads serenade their fans.

Wearing handmade flower hats, the graduating class serenaded parents, siblings and teachers with a rousing rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.”

After joining their families in the audience, the young grads were called back, one by one, to receive graduation gifts, a scroll signed by classmates, a flower and a hug from Teacher.

University Preschool provides full-day developmental childcare for UC Berkeley staff and faculty families, and is home to a variety of research projects administered by the Institute of Human Development.