Berkeley releases first-ever staff workplace climate survey

The Division of Equity and Inclusion has released the final report on Berkeley’s first-ever survey of non-academic staff attitudes toward workplace issues, such as work climate, career development, equity and inclusion and work-life stress.

Workplace climate survey

Berkeley releases first-ever staff workplace climate survey.

The 2009 Survey of Non-Academic Staff on Workplace Climate and Career/Life Issues found staff satisfaction with their job and the work environment was very high.

Similarly, staff rated the level of enjoyment from working at Cal as very high. Career development/advancement opportunities, recognition and compensation were most frequently identified as less satisfactory aspects of working at Berkeley.

The findings have been presented to the Cabinet and more than 28 division leadership teams, staff organizations and administration groups during the last two years, helping to guide their strategic planning efforts.

“The data can serve as baseline information about non-academic staff at Berkeley against which we gauge our progress on issues that impact the campus staff community,” said Gibor Basri, vice chancellor, equity and inclusion, in a letter announcing the release of the staff report.

To enable comparisons with workforce attitudes across the United States, the Berkeley staff climate survey included items drawn from a National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety quality-of-work-life survey.

Berkeley staff were as positive as, or more positive than, U.S. workforce respondents on nine items related to work environment, pride in working for an organization, relationship with supervisor, job satisfaction, recognition and general health.

The next workplace climate survey of staff will be conducted in 2012-13.