Granholm talks jobs on ‘The Daily Show’

Jennifer Granholm, a lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School for Public Policy and the former governor of Michigan, took her views on restoring a strong U.S. economy to “The Daily Show” recently.

In a three-part, 15-minute interview with host Jon Stewart, Granholm made her case for federal-state partnerships as the best way to build jobs and rebuild the nation’s strength. And and she managed to draw some laughs along the way, once by demonstrating a Chinese energy official’s undisguised glee about the United States’ failure to agree on an new clean-energy policy. Granholm’s appearance also served to promote her new book, A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future, written with her husband, Dan Mulhern.

Granholm arrived at Berkeley in January after spending eight years leading Michigan through a economic downturn that resulted from the meltdown in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. Everything that is happening to the United States economy happened to Michigan first, she told Stewart. Under Granholm, Michigan led the country in the improvement of job market conditions between 2009 and 2010, according to the Goldman School. Now, she leads a national campaign for a national clean-energy policy that promotes and funds research and manufacturing for wind, solar and advanced battery industries in the United States.

Watch Granholm interview Part 2.

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