Campbell Hall furniture, office supplies are yours — for free

Student guards his find. (Claire Porter photo)

A big line of bargain hunters waited patiently outside Campbell Hall on Thursday for their chance to pick up free office furniture and supplies on the first day of a three-day giveaway.

Campbell, the old astronomy building near LeConte and Evans halls, will be demolished in a few months, and rather than  have its contents destroyed too, the campus ReUSE program put them up for grabs. The giveaway continues Friday and Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 3  p.m. Full details are available on the ReUSE website.

On Thursday, students crowded the hall to snap up coveted items from among the 50 desks, 100 chairs and piles of random stuff. One student found a desk that was too big to carry, so he sat on it all afternoon to safeguard his treasure until friends could come help him haul it away.

Schools, community organizations, clinics and the like are invited to take part when the giveaway opens to the public tomorrow (Saturday).