Cal Energy Corps offers summer internships

The Cal Energy Corps is offering internships around the world — from Brazil to Germany to Ghana to China, as well as in the Bay Area — during summer 2012.

The internships offer UC Berkeley undergraduates the opportunity to pursue challenging, hands-on projects in energy and climate research, according to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, which announced the summer lineup this week.

Among the projects Cal Energy Corps interns will be involved in are efforts to create “green coal” as industrial fuel, helping to produce biofuels, working on improving photovoltaics for integration into the electricity grid, building models to better understand climate change and designing and testing cook stoves.

The internship program provides a $600 weekly stipend for all interns, as well as funding to cover transportation and housing costs. All placements are full-time. More information and application forms are available at the Cal Energy Corps website.

The application deadline is Sunday, March 18.