Campus calendar network, all grown up, hits a milestone

The calendar system has helped us to put together a single list of upcoming events around the theme of our institute.
– Nicholas Tripcevich, researcher and laboratory manager, Archaeological Research Facility

A free centralized event calendar system that encourages sharing of event data while providing local customization?

Some thought it couldn’t be done on a campus where historically (pre-Operational Excellence) departments “rolled their own” solutions. Others were more optimistic, and in December 2006 UC Berkeley saw the debut of its first integrated online calendar system.

Nearly six years later, the network is not only with us still but has reached a milestone: 1,500 upcoming event listings, contributed by more than 120 campus departments and units. It’s all there in one place, sorted by type of event — everything from breastfeeding workshops to exhibits on devotion and Title IX to a 3-D film on space junk.

Why join the network? Calendar administrators cite cost savings (since the tool is free) among their reasons, as well as how its cross-listing feature supports interdisciplinary interaction. (Each department can cherry-pick events from the network for display on its calendar.) Many other useful tools have been added since the system’s initial launch — including, most recently, a mobile interface.

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