CalTime to get expedited rollout

The following was sent to the campus community on Wednesday as a CalMessage:

To comply with recent decisions at the UC systemwide level, UC Berkeley is planning to move to a bi-weekly pay cycle for non-exempt employees (those eligible to earn overtime). These changes will result in an expedited rollout of CalTime.

CalTime is an Operational Excellence (OE) project that will automate and standardize our timekeeping processes. Already used by more than 3,000 campus employees in both academic and non-academic units, the CalTime team is successfully transitioning exempt employees (those not eligible to earn overtime) to the new system. In addition to providing our campus with an efficient, easy-to-use timekeeping system, CalTime supports our transition to Campus Shared Services and alignment with the UC Office of the President’s systemwide UCPath project.

Key changes: Bi-weekly pay cycle for non-exempt employees

Beginning Jan. 20, 2013, all non-exempt employees covered by the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) will transition to a bi-weekly pay cycle, receive paychecks every other week, and use CalTime to report the hours they work, including overtime.* Exempt employees will continue to be paid on a monthly basis. We encourage managers to work with their staff to ensure their questions are answered and that they receive the assistance they need during this transition to CalTime.

The CalTime team has been working with department timekeepers and key stakeholders to help them prepare for the changes in how employees report their time and submit their timesheets. In the next few days, the CalTime team will provide additional information on the many resources available to help all employees prepare for the change to an automated system and standardized processes. More information will be available at

Why CalTime

About 15,000 Berkeley employees use more than 100 different timekeeping processes—most relying on manual work to complete and submit paper timesheets that generate an estimated quarter ton of paper each year. CalTime will eliminate paper timesheets through an easy-to-use, web-based time-keeping system—while offering a consistent, simple way for employees to report the hours that they work or their leave usage.

The success of CalTime is a top priority, because it reduces the workload for faculty and staff, makes it easier for our student employees to be paid, and enables us to align with a critical system-wide initiative.

For an overview of the project, we encourage you to view the CalTime video.

Robert J. Birgeneau, Chancellor
George Breslauer, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
John Wilton, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Andrew Szeri, OE Program Office Faculty Head, and Dean, Graduate Division

*Inclusion of employees in positions covered by collective bargaining agreements is subject to collective bargaining requirements.