In conversation: Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks

In this wide-ranging conversation, recorded shortly before the Regents approved his appointment (on Nov. 27), Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks talks in depth about his background, as well as the values, principles and priorities that will inform his leadership of UC Berkeley.

The 31-minute video piece may be watched in its entirety. (A transcript of the full video is available here).

Alternatively, viewers may use the “slider” below the video window to go to specific sections of the conversation. Topics (and times) are detailed below.

00:00-01:05  Introduction and reaction to his appointment
01:06-03:47  His career in and connection to the academic world
03:48-05:20  His position at Columbia University
05:21-07:51  Priorities for UC Berkeley
07:52-09:55  Serving as an advocate for public higher education
09:56-13:14  On showing respect for students and their activism
13:15-15:38  Perspectives on the divestment controversy at Columbia
15:39-17:41  The importance of diversity
17:42-19:12  Perspectives on campus staff
19:13-21:11  Perspectives on faculty and shared governance
21:12-24:17  Alumni engagement and fundraising
24:18-26:42  The origins of his values
26:43-29:17  His family and life away from work
29:18-31:20  Intercollegiate athletics


Three additional video excerpts offer more detailed discussion of the following subjects:

Professor Dirks’ academic interests (Read a transcript here)

His approach to campus protests (Read a transcript here)

More on divestment and campus climate (Read a transcript here)