Chancellor Birgeneau praises Yudof’s leadership

UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau issued this statement about UC President Mark Yudof’s decision to step down:

“President Yudof has provided the University  of California with steady leadership through the most difficult time in UC’s modern history. He implemented a number of measures to help sustain the University as a premier public university through the largest and steepest loss of State revenue in its history.

“While continuing to ensure places for all California students who qualified for UC, he introduced the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan that fully covers tuition costs for eligible undergraduate students from families with incomes under $80,000. Supporting a policy in which one-third of all tuition increases are returned to aid, he also helped campuses keep self-help levels low for their neediest students and student debt levels low overall.

“Mark has worked tirelessly to promote the University of California and its continued importance to the people of the State, and with the success of Proposition 30, leaves a strong foundation on which a successor can build.”