Illegal Occupation at Albany Village Mixed-Use Site Underway

Albany Village supporters

Albany Village supporters Albany Village development supporter Ken Macroskey and Albany Mayor Peggy Thomsen at the mixed-use development site were present to oppose the Occupy the Farm actions.

About 75 people representing Occupy the Farm gathered yesterday at Albany City Hall and marched to the Albany Village mixed-use development site on Monroe Street and San Pablo streets where they proceeded to weed and plant a garden in a small area of the site slated for a grocery store.

Counter demonstrators in support of developing the former WWII barracks site which has not been farmed in more than 70 years were also present, protesting as well.

The City of Albany Mayor Peggy Thomsen and Councilman Michael Barnes, along with UC Berkeley representatives were at the site, providing information to residents and community members and Little League parents and friends about plans to build senior housing as well as a grocery story that provides natural/organic products.

UCPD has been admonishing the group throughout the evening that they are in violation of the law and must vacate the property.

The university is continuing to monitor and assess the situation.