A message to staff from human resources

Jeannine Raymond, assistant vice chancellor for human resources, sent this message to all staff on Wednesday morning:

We would like to thank the staff for their patience and assistance in supporting our students and faculty during this campus emergency. Many people worked through the night to help restore the power and services.

We expect all buildings to be open for regular business by 8 a.m., Wednesday, Oct. 2. Employees who are scheduled to work on Oct. 2 should plan to report to work at their normal work time, and are encouraged to check the campus website for updates.

Employees who were unable to access their normal work location due to the power outage were advised in campus messaging to contact their supervisors for alternative work arrangements. Monday and Tuesday were considered regular work days even if the employee worked in an alternate location or made other arrangements at the direction of their supervisors. Those who were absent due to a regularly scheduled leave (e.g. vacation or sick leave), are expected to report the leave taken.

The power outage has not disrupted payroll processing. Employees who normally receive their paychecks via electronic deposit on Oct. 1 did receive a deposit and a notice of deposit. We understand that there may have been a delay in the notification, and that the delay was due to processing at the Office of the President, which has nothing to do with the events on campus this week. Other pay cycles are expected to run on their normal schedule. Questions about payroll should be directed to payhelp@berkeley.edu or to your department payroll representative.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your HR representative in the department or CSS (510-644-9000).