UC president: Donate to cancer research at tax time

University of California President Janet Napolitano sent the following message to faculty, staff and students today:

Dear colleagues:

As you prepare to file your State taxes this year, I wanted to let you know about an important opportunity to help UC researchers and others around California in the fight against cancer.

Toward the end of California Tax form 540, there is a section in which you can donate to two very highly regarded cancer programs that are administered by the University of California.

UC research is having a real impact on a disease that touches far too many.

The programs are the California Breast Cancer Research Fund, which you may donate to on line 405 of the tax form, and the California Cancer Research Fund, which you may donate to on line 413.

These programs are having a real impact on a disease that touches far too many of us.

UC’s California Breast Cancer Research Program, for example, has funded the development of simple tests that can distinguish non-invasive forms of breast cancer from aggressive types; funded research into environmental factors that contribute to the disease; and improved support networks for patients and families. Learn more about their work at http://www.cbcrp.org.

The California Cancer Research Fund, administered by UC’s Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, has supported research outreach efforts by a cross-cultural group of community-based public health advocates to raise awareness of the disproportionate toll of tobacco on vulnerable California communities; a study to examine shared genetic risk factors in lung cancer and emphysema; and development of an ultra low-dose CT scanning methodology that can radically reduce radiation exposure in people screened for lung cancer.  Learn more about TRDRP and its mission online here.

A donation of any size makes a difference, and 95 percent of contributions go directly to cancer research and education. Together, we can decrease cancer rates, improve survival and quality of life, and help UC researchers discover their next cancer breakthrough.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Janet Napolitano