Is college worth it? Dirks to lead post-film discussion

Following the local premiere of a provocative new documentary about higher education, UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks will lead a public discussion about the costs of a college education — and the benefits.

The campus community and public are invited to take part in the conversation, which will start immediately after the 7 p.m. showing of “Ivory Tower” on Friday, June 20, at the California Theatre on Kittredge Street just off campus.

The film, by director Andrew Rossi, asks whether a college degree is still worth the cost, as student debt in the United States climbs past $1 trillion.

“This was an opportunity to go on the ground of campuses,” Rossi said in a recent interview, “and see what’s really going on and have that be the foundation for a broader analytical discussion of what is college about, what it does well and doesn’t do well.”

More information about the film and the trailer can be found on the “Ivory Tower” website.