Campus to honor those lost in the past year

The new school year begins, as it has for the last 12 years, with a solemn gathering in memory of UC Berkeley staff, students, faculty, emeriti and retirees who passed away during the last year.

The entire community is invited to attend the ceremony, which will take place Monday, Sept. 15, from noon to 1 p.m. at the campus flagpole just west of California Hall. Chancellor Nicholas Dirks will officiate.

Those to be remembered are listed below; the list will be updated shortly before the memorial to make sure it is inclusive. If a person has been inadvertently omitted, please contact memorial organizers at The names of people remembered at last fall’s ceremony are listed here.

In memoriam:

Academic & Faculty

Patricia “Pat” Buffler, School of Public Health
Anthony Bulloch, Classics
Chulho Kang, Cancer Research Lab
Pierre Loewe, Haas School of Business
Heino Nitsche, Chemistry
Jennifer Packer, Student Information System Replacement Project
Stephen Rao, Psychology
Susan Rasky, School of Journalism
Suzanne Scotchmer, Law, Economics and Public Policy
Kathy Shueler, University Extension

Thomas C. Alber, Molecular and Cell Biology
Arthur Bergen, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Stanley Berger, Mechanical Engineering
Gerald Berreman, Anthropology
James Cahill, History of Art
Earl Cheit, Haas School of Business
Chin Long Chiang, Biostatistics
Robert F. Coleman, Mathematics
Charles Fillmore, Linguistics
James Fristrom, Molecular and Cell Biology
Steven Goldman, Social Sciences and Economics
Harrison Gough, Psychology
Sir Peter Hall, City and Regional Planning, Environmental Design
Robert Harlan, School of Library and Information Studies
Sanford Hirshen, Environmental Design and Architecture
Chieh Hsu, Mechanical Engineering
William Jolly, Chemistry
Joseph Kerman, Music
Carlton Koehler, Environmental Science, Policy and Management
Sydney Kustu, Plant and Microbial Biology
Henry Lagorio, Environmental Design and Architecture
Sylvia Lane, Agriculture and Resource Economics
Harold Lecar, Molecular and Cell Biology
Robert Martin, Environmental Science, Policy and Management
George Miyasaki, Art Practice
Lawrence “Larry” Henry Moe, Music and University Organist
Charles Radcliffe, Mechanical Engineering
Joseph “Joe” L. Sax, Law
Bertram Sealey, Social Sciences and History
George J. Staubus, Haas School of Business
Robert C. Stebbins, Zoology
Richard Steinhardt, Molecular and Cell Biology
Gareth Thomas, Materials Science and Engineering
George Turin, Electrical Engineering amd Computer Sciences
Jack Washburn, Materials Science & Engineering
William Waters, Entomology and Parasitology and Forestry/Environmental Science, Policy and Management
John Wheeler, Haas School of Business
Bruno Zumino, Physics

Sableu Cabildo, Information Systems and Technology
Thusa Chu, Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Stephen Comrie, Physical Plant-Campus Services
Damon Frick, International House
Robert Hashimoto, Environment, Health and Safety
Stefano “Steve” Maranzana, Environment, Health and Safety
Scott Moulzolf, Space Sciences Laboratory
Melinda Schissel, Graduate School of Education
Jennifer Shankey, Education, Language Literacy, Society and Culture

Undergraduate Students
Ted Agu, Letters and Sciences
Zachary Dion, Letters and Sciences
Kevin Gong, Letters and Sciences
Zie-Yeung Vincent Lee, Engineering
Maliq Nixon, Letters and Sciences
Adam Rice, Letters and Sciences
Ruoyang Wang, Natural Resources

Graduate and PhD Students
Lisa Marie Houlihan Johnson, Law
Emil Stefanov, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science