Opinion: To tip or not to tip?

tip chart

When you go out to eat, how much is it appropriate to tip? Do those who work in the kitchen get a share, or just the wait staff? When tips and wages are accounted for, do restaurant workers make a living wage?

For customers and restaurant staff alike, the practice of tipping can be fraught. Columnist Emily Post answered queries on the etiquette of tipping, while 21st-century travelers consult tipping apps to know what’s the right thing to do abroad. Meanwhile, many restaurant workers say the system is arbitrary and unfair.

A handful of Bay Area restaurants have already replaced tipping with a 20 percent service fee — and others are considering similar policies. UC Berkeley undergrad Anastasia Yip takes a look at the practice of tipping, and whether it’s time to revamp how restaurant staff get paid.

Read her blog post here.

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