SkyDeck sends six to ’30 Under 30′

skydeck300SkyDeck, UC Berkeley’s incubator for businesses springing from the work of young, creative researchers, has been around for just two years, and already five young people on two teams it has sponsored have landed spots on Forbes magazine’s latest “30 Under 30” list. A sixth made last year’s list.

California Magazine takes a look at the phenomenon, powered by the development of the Berkeley Method of Acceleration, a five-point program that supports SkyDeckers in everything from company set-up to funding.

“Different teams have different needs,” says SkyDeck Executive Director Caroline Winnett, who was key to developing the method. “Some may come here with great technology, but they don’t have a narrative that tells the story of their product, so their marketing plan is weak to nonexistent. We help them fill the gaps.”

Among the products developed at SkyDeck and featured in the story is Lily, an autonomous drone quadcopter-mounted camera that “follows you around as you perform zany extreme stunts such as skiing, steep mountain biking, skateboarding stairs and rails, or paddling Class V rivers.”

Read all about it on California Magazine’s website.

Visit the SkyDeck website.