‘Seismo Blog’ details Bay Area quake risk

In its 100th entry since its 2008 launch, the UC Berkeley Seismology Laboratory’s “Seismo Blog” offers an up-to-date and detailed map of earthquake risk in the San Francisco Bay Area.

seismo750The latest post, “Where the Hazard Is Highest,” relates to recent events – in this case the recent publication of findings computing the probability of potentially damaging earthquakes throughout California.

“For the Bay Area, scientists divided the known faults of our region into approximately 100 smaller sections and looked at the likelihood that each of them might rupture in a quake,” report Seismo Blog’s earth scientists. According to the statewide project, three areas stand out: the Maacama Fault in inland Mendocino County, and southern sections of the San Andreas and Hayward faults.

The Seismo Blog’s goal is to help educate the public about earthquakes, seismology and seismic engineering. According to its “about” section, “each entry is a vignette, telling a story about one small aspect of the exciting processes happening under our feet in the Earth’s crust and upper mantle and about the study of these events.”

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