A solemn memorial for those lost

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Under a scorching sun, the UC Berkeley campus community gathered today for an annual rite of passage, remembering faculty, emeriti, staff and students who died over the last year.

From the posting of colors to the wail of the bagpipe to evocations of those lost, the memorial followed its traditional, solemn path. Chancellor Dirks welcomed the crowd and called for a moment of silence. Music soothed and soared. White doves circled overhead as “Amazing Grace” signaled the close.

The 64 people remembered are listed below. If a person has been inadvertently omitted, please contact memorial organizers at campusmemorial@berkeley.edu. The names of people remembered at last fall’s ceremony are listed here.

In memoriam:

Academic and faculty

Stanley Prussin, Nuclear Engineering
Earl Walls, Education
Barbara Weiss, Social Welfare
David Wessel, Music
Barbara White, Education


James Anderson, Anthropology
Robert Cooper, Public Health
Alan Curtis, Music
William Garrison, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Martin Graham, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
W. Norton Grubb, Education
Tulio Halperin-Donghi, History
Ernest Kuh, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
David Littlejohn, Journalism
William (Sandy) Muir, Political Science
Donald Olsen, Architecture
Evert Schlinger, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
James Spaulding, Journalism
David Stoddart, Geography
Herbert Strauss, Chemistry
Ian Sussex, Plant and Microbial Biology
Stephen Tollefson, College of Letters & Science
Charles Townes, Physics
Lloyd Ulman, Economics
Ray Wolfinger, Political Science
Victor Zackay, Materials Science and Engineering


Shirley Anderson, Music
Adora Castaneda, University Library
LaVonne Clarine, Undergraduate Division
Evaughn Collier, IST
Lisa Decarbonel, Law
Harold (Hal) Frey, Intercollegiate Athletics
Walt Hagmaier, IST
Theartis Herbert, IST
Ronald Kos, Human Resources
Donald (Don) Koué, Public Affairs
Michael Brian Lake, Optometry
Kurt Lauridsen, Student Learning Center
Andrew Lee, International Office
Barbara Morgan, IST
Laura Mulley, Letters & Science
Roberta Myers, Public Health
Jeffrey Nealy, Public Affairs, University Relations
Gilbert (Nick) Nicholas, RSSP
Frank Orme, Physiology
Alvarado (Al) Perez, UHS
Leo Pivonka, Haas School of Business
Lili Quick, Student Affairs/Lawrence Hall of Science
Elizabeth Ruchenski, Integrative Biology
Terry Shaw, Lawrence Hall of Science
Gordon Smith, UCPD
Danai (Danny) Suthivarakom, Career Center
Chilion Sylvan, Graduate Division
Joyce Tucker, International House
John Ziehe, UCPD


Undergraduate students

Apoorve Agarwal, Letters & Science
Zachary Bradley, Natural Resources
Paul Hanson, Letters & Science
Michael McWaid, Letters & Science
Barry Moores, Haas School of Business
Selam Sekuar, Letters & Science
George Tak-Shing Shum, Letters & Science
Eloi Ivan Vasquez-Margolin, Letters & Science
Bryson Young, Letters & Science