Emeriti invited to take new survey about their contributions

What do UC’s faculty do once they’ve achieved emeritus status? A new online survey is asking retired faculty at UC Berkeley and the other nine UC campuses just that.

The survey, distributed by emeriti associations on each campus, asks more than 6,000 retired faculty about their post-retirement activity and service.

The survey may be completed online or on paper. UC Berkeley surveys are due by mid-November.

Every three years, the Council of UC Emeriti Associations (CUCEA) collects data to keep track of the many ways emeriti stay involved in their fields and contribute to their campus communities after they retire.

The previous survey, which covered 2009-12, drew responses from a record 1,581 UC emeriti, including 283 at Berkeley. The Berkeley respondents collectively brought in $238 million in grants for the campus in the last three years and served as mentors to more than 2,000 Berkeley students.

More than 500 respondents systemwide continued to teach on a UC campus, and had written nearly 600 books and several thousand research articles, book chapters, professional reports and other publications in the survey period.

Leaders of the emeriti council say information collected by the surveys is helpful in their emeriti advocacy efforts.