Energy: Recommended reads for 2015

With the global warming in the headlines and the holidays on the near horizon, environmental economics expert Catherine Wolfram has compiled a timely list of readable books concerning energy.

book coverIn a recent blog post, Wolfram, faculty co-director of the Energy Institute at Haas, highlights four recent books – from How to Live a Low-Carbon Life (“a real how-to book … packed with interesting facts and perspectives”) to Chilled, on refrigeration (which earns a lukewarm review).

Her new reading list also includes a biography of Tesla’s Elon Musk, as well as The Climate Casino, by economist William Nordhaus, “a wonderful book” encompassing the economics, science and politics of climate change. “The writing is extremely clear and engaging,” she says, “and I think he gives a balanced treatment to controversial topics.” Wolfram also solicits readers’ suggestions.

See Catherine Wolfram’s 2015 blog post on energy-themed books. For more ideas, see her December 2014 review of six more titles on the topic, including a novel and an autobiographical story set in Malawi.