Sustainability summit showcases campus greening

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UC Berkeley students and staff showcased a wealth of campus sustainability projects — and honored standout efforts — at the 13th annual summit of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS), held April 22 in the Wurster Hall lobby.

Sustainability awards went to the following students and staff:

  • Sunil Chacko, purchasing/commodity coordinator at Cal Dining, for his ongoing efforts to improve sourcing practices and his critical role in the success of Brown’s cafe;
  • Susanne Wiesman, grounds-operations staffer, for her work to improve the garden at Clark Kerr campus;
  • The ASUC Sustainability Team (STeam), for ten years’ worth of projects to help green the Berkeley campus;
  • The Solar Powering Cal team, for its efforts to improve the campus’s solar infrastructure.

“As the campus continues to reduce the impacts of our operations — by using less water, installing renewable energy on rooftops, and producing less waste — it was fun to take a moment to recognize all of our successes,” Lisa McNeilly, director of sustainability and energy, said of the event.

“It was particularly nice to have an opportunity to celebrate the renewal of The Green Initiative Fund as well as all of our Sustainability Award winners,” she added. Students recently voted to renew TGIF, which supports campus sustainability projects via a student fee, for another ten years.

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