An English student at Cal breaks down Brexit

“Recently, anyone engaged in the world, regardless of where they come from, will have been unable to avoid discussing Donald Trump. As a Brit studying abroad in the US, I’m constantly asked how the rest of the world sees it, and I always reply the same way: We think the idea of a bigoted, ill-informed, inflammatory elitist masquerading as the common man in order to prey on the prejudices of the most vulnerable members of society is as appalling as it is terrifying. And then we copy it in its entirety.”

Joe Pridmore

Joe Pridmore, an student from London with an avid interest in governance.

That’s how Joe Pridmore, a history student at University College London who is spending a year abroad at Berkeley, introduces himself and his new Berkeley Blog post “Brexit: Trumpism with a posh accent.”

Pridmore is spending his summer as an intern in California Gov. Jerry Brown’s press office through the Cal-in-Sacramento fellowship program. Cal-in-Sacramento, part of the Institute of Governmental Studies’ Robert T. Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service, offers UC Berkeley undergrads first-hand experience in the state capital in the country. Many Cal-in-Sac Fellows have gone on to careers in politics, government, and public service.

“Brexit is Trumpism with a posh accent,” Pridmore writes. “Boris Johnson (leader of the Leave campaign) simply a cuddlier, less threatening version of the man himself.” Both are wealthy, vague in their policy recommendations, and purport to represent “the people.” Both are reason for worry, he adds.

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