The new Moffitt Library throws open its doors

view from moffitt onto memorial glade

Views from the renovated Moffitt Library are light-filled and expansive. Here, the view from the fifth floor, looking east across Memorial Glade. (UC Berkeley photo by Hulda Nelson)

Hundreds of UC Berkeley students and staff thronged the fourth and fifth floors of Moffitt Library as they reopened Wednesday after a major renovation.

Equipped with new student-friendly policies, technology services, flexible spaces, a resting room and extra-long open hours, the new spaces are expected to become a top study destination. (Story continues below.)

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Before the reopening festivities were done, many students buckled down to their work, trying out the new carrels and group workspace. Among them were four political science majors, who began studying for their midterm together. “We were kind of freaking out when we first came in, because Moffitt is so nice now!” said one.

“We will use Moffitt a lot,” said another. “Most places on campus, you’re kicked out at 2 a.m., which isn’t enough time.”

Another added, “I’m all about the snack-friendly policy. To be able to sustain myself while studying is great. No more sneaking!” They praised the quietness of the study room they had claimed, along with the handy USB ports and walls that could be written on.

On the fifth floor, a dozen or so new Brody chairs — individual all-inclusive work areas — were soon completely occupied. Marycon Jiro, a biology major, noted, “It’s really hard to find one’s own space on campus. A personal space like this, with walls around a comfortable chair, plus my own light and a desk, cuts out visual distraction. It helps me to relax and to concentrate.” Jiro also looks forward to rehearsing presentations in the new Van Houten Presentation Studio.

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