Update on the Oakland warehouse fire tragedy

The University of California, Berkeley, is grieving the lives taken by a deadly Oakland warehouse fire on Friday night, and is expressing deep concern for those listed as missing – including members of the UC Berkeley campus community.

The message below is from UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks.

Dear Campus Community,

It is with profound concern and regret that I write to inform you that members of the Berkeley campus community are among those who remain missing in the wake of the devastating fire that consumed an event space in Oakland late Friday night. The most recent reports indicate that at least 30 lives were lost, with more hospitalized or still missing.

We are working diligently with fire and police officials to get updated information, but for now our hearts, condolences, and prayers go out to the families and friends of the deceased, as well as those who must deal with unbearable uncertainty as they wait to hear about all who remain unaccounted for.

We realize how difficult this is for those who knew the people whose passing has already been confirmed, as well as those who anxiously wait for news of their friends and loved ones. We are working together as a community to help process this tragic loss. In addition, we want to remind those on campus that if they feel a need in the days and weeks ahead, counseling services are available at University Health Services. Visit https://uhs.berkeley.edu/coping-trauma-grief-loss-and-tragic-news-and-events to learn more.

We fervently hope that those who were injured will recover quickly and fully. We also stand together, in solidarity and support, with all in our neighboring communities who have been impacted by this terrible tragedy. We will keep the campus community updated as we receive and confirm new information.


Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks