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85,000 students seek admission to Berkeley's 2017-18 freshman class

By Janet Gilmore

More than 85,000 high school students have submitted applications for a seat in UC Berkeley’s 2017-18 freshman class, another record. It reflects an increase in applications from California residents overall and underrepresented minority students who live in California.

Officials with UC Berkeley and the University of California Office of the President today released data for Berkeley and the other eight UC campuses that admit undergraduates (UCSF is graduate-level only). Admissions decisions will be announced in the spring.

The number of applicants to UC Berkeley — more than 85,000 — represents a 3 percent increase over the prior year. Grade-point averages and other academic measures are comparable to last year’s applicant pool.

Applications from California residents increased 7.6 percent over the previous year, and applications of underrepresented minority students (African American, Native American and Chicano-Latino) who are California residents went up by 6 percent. The full list of tables for all UC campuses is posted on the UCOP website .