The new Berkeleyan: mobile-friendly and engaging

Ten years ago, The Berkeleyan was a black and white print newspaper, distributed in stacks around campus. Then, it followed the national trend from print to digital, an email newsletter with a sassy yellow banner. Now, we’re bringing you the new and improved 2018 version of The Berkeleyan, revamped to make it more mobile friendly and engaging.

Subscribers should have received it late Tuesday afternoon; those who didn’t see it in their inboxes should check their spam folders, because it’s coming from a new email address. Not already a subscriber? You can sign up here.

The Berkeleyan on a cell phoneThe new Berkeleyan still contains all the news you’re used to finding — from campus news to research breakthroughs to posts about the amazing people who work and go to school here. But we are also adding a few new features, designed to better bring Berkeley to life.

In this inaugural issue, you’ll find a conversational check-in from Chancellor Christ, talking about what’s “On My Mind.” The chancellor and other campus leaders will be sharing their observations in this informal format regularly in the new Berkeleyan.

You’ll also find a profile of Katherine Welsh, a College of Chemistry staffer who just donated a kidney to a stranger, just because… well, because that’s who she is. That’s the kind of person who works here, and you can expect to see more profiles of amazing Berkeley staffers in upcoming editions.

Want to find out about new faculty teaching on campus this fall? Keep reading.

And you can take our first poll, plumbing the critical issue of where to find the best burrito near campus. (Enter your email address and you can be among the first on campus to win and sport a new Berkeleyan T-shirt).

Next week, we’ll roll out “I’m a Berkeleyan,” with staff, students and faculty telling short stories about themselves and demonstrating Berkeley values of reimagining the world and challenging convention to shape the future.

The new Berkeleyan is a work in progress, and we welcome your comments and suggestions at Got a story we should be covering? Let us know. Know someone who belongs in “I’m a Berkeleyan” — including yourself? Let us know.

We’ll see you back here every Tuesday during the academic year.