Robert Reich on why the common good disappeared and how we get it back

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Robert Reich talking with his hands

Robert Reich (UC Berkeley photo by Hulda Nelson)

Professor of Public Policy Robert B. Reich ignites a discussion of the good we have had in common, what happened to it and what we might do to restore it. His goal is not that we all agree on the common good. It is that we get into the habit of thinking and talking about it, listening to each other’s views and providing a means for people with opposing views to debate these questions civilly.

This talk, given on Oct. 12, 2018, was presented by the Cal Class of 1968 and the Goldman School of Public Policy’s Center on Civility and Democratic Engagement, which was founded by the Class of 1968.

This lecture was recorded by UCTV, the UC Public Policy Channel.

The Goldman School of Public Policy, with the Berkeley Institute for the Future of Young Americans, also produces a podcast, “Talk Policy To Me.”

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