Space sciences lab staffer wins Berkeleyan caption contest

Yuzo holds a tshirt

Winner Yuzo Ishikawa picked up his “I’m A Berkeleyan” T-shirt after winning the caption contest. (UC Berkeley photo by Hulda Nelson)


Yuzo Ishikawa, a staff research associate with UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory, won the inaugural Berkeleyan caption contest, sending our poor squirrel wandering through Free Speech Movement Cafe asking diners, “Where is Dwinelle 427?”

“Where is Dwinelle 427?”

Ishikawa’s entry won with 47 percent of the vote, beating out “I liked beer nuts. I still like beer nuts,” (32 percent) and “Do you have time to talk about our savior Rocky J. Squirrel?” (21 percent).

Ishikawa, a 2014 graduate of UC Berkeley, realized only after submitting his caption that he’d promised his squirrel a lifetime of searching for something he can never quite have: Dwinelle 427 doesn’t exist.