Berkeley Talks: Year of the woman: Panel on the recent rise of women in politics

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Nicole Boucher and Amanda Renteria

Nicole Boucher (left) and Amanda Renteria

National analysts have noted the sharply increased number of women running for elective office in 2018, especially among Democrats. In a panel discussion, “Year of the Woman?,” Nicole Boucher, co-executive director of the California Donor Table; Mary Hughes, a democratic strategist and founder of Close the Gap California; and Amanda Renteria, chair of Emerge America examines the phenomenon in the California context and whether it’s likely to continue in future election cycles. The discussion was moderated by Laurel Rosenhall, a political reporter for CALmatters.

Laura Rosenhall and Mary Hughes

Laurel Rosenhall (left) and Mary Hughes

This discussion was part of a Feb. 1, 2019 conference, “California Votes: A Post-Mortem on the 2018 Election,” hosted by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies.

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