Campanile falcon chick naming contest comes to an end

peregrine parent feeds chicks

The two chicks just days after they were born in April.

True, the two peregrine falcon chicks on the Campanile have names. Somehow they’re just a little hard to remember, and they don’t really roll off the tongue: 2206-82959 and 2206-82960.

That’s why the Cal Falcons Facebook fan page has launched a contest to rename the two chicks, hatched to mom Annie and dad Grinnell in April. The hope is that the chicks’ social media fans can find something more familiar than the numbers printed on their official identification bands.

Suggestions so far include “Morgan” and “Maybeck,” in recognition of famous Berkeley architects Julia Morgan and Bernard Maybeck, and “Fluffy” and “Peeppeep.” The first round of voting closes this week on Wednesday.

Enter your vote on the Cal Falcons Facebook page and learn more about the falcon family here.

The video camera clamped on the balustrade right in front of the nest will give people a view of the peregrines while they’re nesting and after the chicks hatch.
The second video camera, in the tower’s northeast corner, provides a view of the balconies on the east and north, where chicks spend a lot of time running around and flapping their wings before they fledge.