Berkeley stands out in newest university world reputation rankings

a woman works in a blue lab coat

Leslie Chan, a Ph.D. candidate in chemical and biomolecular engineering, shows off a plasma flame in her lab. Times Higher Education recognized Berkeley’s many Nobel Prizes for chemistry. (UC Berkeley photo by Elena Zhukova)

For the fifth year in a row, UC Berkeley ranks sixth in the world when it comes to its reputation among academic researchers, according to new rankings from Times Higher Education.

The six “most powerful global brands” in the U.K. publication’s annual World Reputation Rankings vary little from year to year, with Harvard, MIT and Stanford near the top, followed by Cambridge, Oxford and Berkeley.

“Berkeley faculty have won 19 Nobel prizes, mostly in physics, chemistry and economics,” Times Higher Education noted, adding that “Berkeley has a tradition as a center of political activism.”

The rankings are based on opinions of academics across the world who were asked to name no more than 15 universities that they believed were the best for research and teaching in their field.

“World Reputation Rankings employ the world’s largest invitation-only academic opinion survey to provide the definitive list of the Top 100 most powerful global university brands, based on the judgement of senior academics,” Times Higher Education said in a press release.