Transcript: Kim Nalley sings “I’m Having A Good Time” by Alberta Hunter

Kim Nalley: You know, as far as an opening tune, there’s a wonderful one by Alberta Hunter that goes:

(Singing) I’m having a good time, yeah. Don’t try to blame me. Yes, I’m having a good time, oh, don’t try to tame me. Let me have my fun because tomorrow I may die. Well, some people think that I’m a flippin’ my wig, yeah, but that don’t bother me none.

That kind of tune right there, right now, with everything that’s going on is just kinda like, “Woo, yeah, I’m gonna have a good time tonight because we don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow.” So, you know, it just really depends what that opener’s gonna be, what’s that first tune gonna be to get ‘em inside of the mood, you know?