Supporting students, staff, faculty after Hurricane Fiona

Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Dania Matos sent the following message to Puerto Rican and Dominican student, staff and faculty groups on Thursday:

Puerto Ricans and Dominicanxs of the UC Berkeley campus community, I am here with you. I know this week is heavy from the damage Hurricane Fiona has caused, so I am reminding you that you have campus-wide support. I understand, first-hand, how upsetting it is to watch ongoing coverage of what is happening on the Island and with nuestra familia Caribeña; please know that the full Division of Equity & Inclusion and I are here if you need anything:

If you are looking for ways to support our affected communities after Hurricane Fiona, Boricuas at Berkeley is an excellent student-led resource on Twitter and Facebook and Boricuas de Berkeley offers space for faculty/staff who identify as Puerto Rican and/or Dominican ( for more information).

Please share this message of support and solidarity with your networks and people; please take care of yourselves and each other.

Con fuerza y solidaridad,