A campuswide campaign to stop sexual violence and harassment

Sexual assault and violence is a serious problem affecting colleges and universities throughout the country. At UC Berkeley, we consider the task of preventing and addressing sexual violence one of our highest priorities as a community, and have made it the heart of a comprehensive campaign to inform, educate and make available whatever resources are needed to help stop sexual violence in its tracks. 

The Stop Sexual Violence campaign’s goal is nothing less than “fostering a culture that prioritizes consent and respect, and responds to and supports survivors and their allies.” To achieve that crucial goal, we’re addressing the issue from every angle – from student empowerment to psychological counseling to the campus police. Our mantra: Educate. Prevent. Support.

The voices on this page represent the thousands of staff, faculty and students who are dedicated to eradicating sexual assault and violence at UC Berkeley. We are a diverse community, but on this crucial issue we speak with a single voice, and carry a single message: With your help, we can create a healthy, inspiring environment where violence and harassment in any form will not be tolerated.