Welcome to the 2016-17 school year

Sproul Plaza is buzzing, boxes are being carted into student housing units – UC Berkeley is springing to life as the 2016-17 academic year gets under way.

Almost 10,000 new undergraduates are moving in, most of them all Californians. New graduate students are arriving, too; look for our profile of one exceptional student who is schizophrenic and putting his expertise on the condition to work contributing to research on it. Renovations awaiting students are the newly restored Bowles hall, the new visitor center at Memorial Stadium, an aquatics center nearing completion on Bancroft Way and, with a few months of construction to go, the revamped Moffitt Library. New deals on cultural events, athletic gear and other items are available for staff and students.

Notice - The latest information on how UC Berkeley is responding to coronavirus.