drag show 04 1200

Drag queen KaiAnne Pepper sings on stage

Drag queen KaiAnne Pepper sings during her performance at the 12th annual Unity Drag Show at UC Berkeley on Thursday, April 4, 2019. “I think gender has always been restricted — very heteronormative, very cis-centric. And also, even as a low-income background, Latinx person, there are barriers in everything you do. Especially with intersectionality and being a racial minority, everything is harder for you. Doing drag isn’t something that’s popular in our society, let alone in the Latinx culture.

So I think my positionality to be at a higher education building to do so makes me think a lot about power, privilege dynamics and how, not lucky, but I would say it’s a privilege doing what I’m doing and having a love for it.” – KaiAnne Pepper

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