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Free Speech demonstrators at Sather Gate (Bancroft Library photo)

(Bancroft Library photo)

It’s Free Speech Year at UC Berkeley — a rededication to one of the campus’s most cherished values, and one that most defines the campus in the eyes of the world.

Free Speech infuses the campus landscape, its people and events. To bring all the pieces together, the Office of Communications and Public Affairs has developed a hub of information related to free speech on campus — It will be updated throughout the year.

The new website presents the latest news about events, past and upcoming, and encompasses a variety of campus perspectives. It’s the place to find resources including campus policies on hosting events and on protesting safely, plus a series of FAQs outlining Berkeley’s legal obligations under the First Amendment.

It’s where you can tap into events like tomorrow’s appearance by Ryan Lenz, editor of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch blog. His topic: The Alt Right on Campus: What Students Need to Know.

Or you can read what Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky has to say about free speech vs. public safety, or dig into the sights, sounds and words of Berkeley’s proud Free Speech history.

There’s also a place where people can add their comments to the campus conversation on Free Speech.


Go to the full Free Speech at Berkeley website