TV news highlights: Fall 2015

Professor Jennifer Doudna discusses her findings on the gene-editing CRISPR technology; How late bedtimes could lead to weight gain, explained by Graduate Student Lauren Asarnow; Berkeley provides Degree Completion Program for former student athletes; ABC 7 news reports on Berkeley students’ volunteer work to rebuild the region affected by Hurricane Katrina, and more.

1. CBS This Morning “Genes and Dreams,” Professor Jennifer Doudna
2. NBC Nightly News “Hidden World,” Museum of Paleontology scientist Pat Holroyd and PhD student Eric Holt
3. ABC Good Morning America “Health Alert, Bedtime Warning,” graduate student Lauren Asarnow
4. Pac-12 Networks “Degree Completion Program for Athletes,” Director of Athletic Studies Derek Van Theenen and former student athlete Jahvid Best
5. ABC 7 News “Katrina: 10 years Later,” student Jeffrey Mitchell
6. ABC Shark Tank, student Lavanya Jawaharlal