TV news highlights: Fall 2017

UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center is training students to become digital investigators; PHD student Duncan Haldane demonstrates SALTO, the leaping robot; Professor Jennifer Doudna discusses the impact of her revolutionary discovery that accelerated gene-editing; Solomon Hsiang describes the inequality of the effects of climate change; NASA and Cal teamed up to run a crowd-sourcing project to search the universe for new planets.

  1. PBS Newshour “Human Rights Investigations,” Alexa Koenig and Youstina Youssef
  2. Discovery Channel “SALTO,” Duncan Haldane
  3. NBC News “CRISPR,” Jennifer Doudna
  4. PBS Newshour “Effects of Climate Change,” Solomon Hsiang
  5. KPIX “Planet 9,” Aaron Meisner
  6. KQED “My Love Affair with the Brain,” Marian Diamond
  7. ABC7 “Deportation of Veterans,” Joe Bush