TV news highlights: Fall 2018

Public Policy professor, Robert Reich, discusses how tax cuts and spending can reduce stock values; Prof. Jennifer Doudna talks about the future of gene editing; Prof. Matt Walker discusses the link between sleep deprivation and major diseases; Cristina Robins describes how rising sea levels allow us to learn more about the past; Researchers at Adesnik Lab are create laser 3D holograms; Architecture professor, Ronald Rael, shows off a 3D printed home, which could help ease the housing crisis; Meet first-generation college graduates and twins, Tyler and Cameron Haberman.

  1. CNN, “Falling Stocks,” Robert Reich
  2. Stroke of Genius, “CRISPER,” Jennifer A. Doudna
  3. CBS This Morning, “Sleep Loss Epidemic,” Matthew Walker
  4. KPIX, “Fossil Discovery,” Cristina Robins
  5. KPIX, “Brain Holograms,” Alan Mardinly
  6. KPIX, “3D Printing,” Ronald Rael
  7. ABC 7, “Twin Haas School of Business Graduates”, Tyler and Cameron Haberman