Snipping blue and gold ribbons to launch the i4Energy Center Friday, Jan. 29 (left to right): Tim Simon, CEO of Golden Power; Richard White, EECS; David Auslander, mechanical engineering; Gary Baldwin, co-director of i4Energy Center and director of Special Projects in Energy at CITRIS; Duncan Callaway, ERG and co-director of i4Energy; Gaymond Yee, technical director of i4Energy Center, and California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE); Costas Spanos, EECS; Alice Agogino, mechanical engineering; Al Pisano, mechanical engineering and acting dean, College of Engineering; Patrick Mantey, engineering and CITRIS, UC Santa Cruz; Karl Brown, CIEE; Jeff Wright, founding dean of engineering, UC Merced; Ron Hofmann, consultant to CIEE and the California Energy Commission; Michael Gravely, Energy Systems Research, California Energy Commission. (Aaron Walburg photo)