Media Training for Academics

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spotlight

Jennifer Doudna and Dan Rather
Jennifer Doudna being interviewed by Dan Rather. (Roxanne Makasdjian photo)

This free, self-paced online course to help you gain the media skills to effectively communicate your work to the public. The course is driven by a series of short videos and exercises covering topics including:

  • What makes news
  • How to identify, develop and deliver your messages
  • What to do when a reporter calls
  • Preparing for on-camera interviews
  • Writing and pitching an op-ed, blog, or social media piece
  • How to set up professional-style video-call interviews

The course is organized into four themed modules, each offering several one-to-five-minute videos, readings, and exercises, all of which are optional and not required for advancing through the modules. Participants can also download tip sheets on key topics covered.

  • Influence public opinion and public policy as a media superstar
  • Learn how to give interviews and write for a popular audience.
  • Identify, draft and deliver your key messages.

This course is currently only open to UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students.

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Testimonials from Public Affairs’ live media training workshops:

Very well done! So helpful to have the focus on messaging and delivery. Such great professionals to work with.

The course is well organized, very responsive to the needs of the participants and very practical. Also, very engaging.

(CalNet ID required)