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Chancellor endorses signing of California DREAM Act

Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau commended California Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday for signing the California DREAM Act, which makes state-funded scholarships available to undocumented students.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday signed AB 131, completing the California DREAM Act legislation which gives talented and ambitious young people, who are the products of California’s education system and undocumented through no fault of their own, the same opportunity to attend college as all Californians.

“I commend and congratulate the governor for this forward-thinking action,” said Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau. “Thanks to the passionate advocacy of Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, who authored AB 130 and AB 131, and the tireless efforts of many supporters, California has taken the lead in helping to reframe the national conversation on investing in undocumented students who can contribute to the economic and social vitality of California. We cannot afford to waste one single talented person.

“I am delighted that our undocumented students at Berkeley will be eligible for state financial aid and will not have to struggle with unreasonable burdens in order to complete their education.”