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Berkeley Talks: Berkeley commencement speeches celebrate resilience, bravery

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Sydney Roberts, wearing a cap and gown, gives a speech at a podium to fellow graduates
“Let your compassion motivate you to take agency. Use it to engage in conversation,” ASUC President Sydney Roberts told fellow graduates at UC Berkeley’s campuswide commencement ceremony on May 11.

Brittany Hosea-Small for UC Berkeley

In Berkeley Talks episode 197, we’re sharing a selection of speeches from UC Berkeley’s campuswide commencement ceremony on May 11. The first speech is by Chancellor Christ, followed by ASUC President Sydney Roberts and ending with keynote speaker Cynt Marshall, a Berkeley alum and CEO of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

“I believe the future of our democracy depends on our ability to engage in civil discourse across the divides and reject the forces of division and polarization,” Christ began, as hundreds of graduates chanted in protest of the war in Gaza. “Given recent events and the scourge of COVID, I can only marvel at how you’ve navigated these complicated times. 

“Your presence here today is a testimony to a remarkable accomplishment whose meaning and worth will serve you well in the days to come. We could not be prouder.”

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