Dealing with protests: Tips for faculty and staff

Some faculty and staff members have raised concerns about personal and workplace safety during protest activity. The UC Police Department is issuing the following tips to keep members of the campus community safe and campus workplaces secure.

  • Please proceed with caution as you respond to events around you.
  • Please report any suspicious behavior to UCPD rather than try to resolve a situation on your own.
  • Do not engage in verbal confrontations, and do not physically engage the protestors.
  • If you are personally confronted, remain calm and try not to raise your voice or escalate the situation.
  • If you notice that a situation is escalating, and you are concerned about destructive behavior or vandalism, your best tool in discouraging this type of activity is to personally appeal to the individuals, as a member of our campus community, to be respectful of our campus and ask them to protest peacefully.
  • In a difficult situation where you fear violence or property damage, the greatest value you can provide is to ultimately be a reliable witness and maintain your personal safety.
  • If you chose to record video or photographs of protestors, do not put yourself in harm’s way.