Campus to remember those who died over the past year

On Monday, Sept. 27, the Berkeley campus will gather for its ninth annual memorial service to honor those of its own who passed away during the past year. Forty-one members of the campus community — among them faculty and emeriti, students, staff, and staff retirees — will be remembered at the campuswide memorial ceremony, which will include a reading of the names of the deceased, vocal music, and poetry. It will be held from noon to 1 p.m. at the flagpole west of California Hall; all are welcome to attend.

The names of the deceased to be honored on Sept. 27 are listed below. If any member of the campus community who died in the past year has been inadvertently omitted, contact Maureen Kelly ( by Friday, Sept. 17 so that the list may be updated.

Academics & Faculty

Donald Backer, Astronomy
Philip Frickey, Law
Percy Tannenbaum, Public Policy
Arnold Zellner, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Emeriti & Academic Retirees

Janet Adelman, College of Letters and Science, Arts and Humanities, English
Wye Allanbrook, Music
Thomas Barnes, Law, History
Stephen Barnett, Law
David Blackwell, Statistics
Jack Block, Psychology
Robert Brown, Physics
Burton Benedict, Anthropology
Kenneth Harvey Cardwell, Architecture, City and Regional Planning
John Cowee, Business
George De Vos, Anthropology
Lester Dubins, Statistics
Walter Edwin Rex, III, French
Iain Finnie, Mechanical Engineering
Merton C. Flom, Optometry and Vision Science
Gerson Goldhaber, Physics
Sami Y. Hassid, Architecture
Henry Helson, Mathematics
Gerhard Hochschild, Mathematics
Wolfgang Homburger, Institute of Transportations Studies
Franklin Hurlbut, Mechanical Engineering
Karl Kasten, College of Letters and Science, Humanities, Art Practice
Erich Lehmann, Statistics
Elwin Marg, Optometry and Vision Science
Hugh Donald McNiven, Civil and Earthquake Engineering
Rabbi Jacob Milgrom, Near Eastern Studies
Maurice Moonitz, Haas School of Business
Charles Muscatine, Arts and Humanities, English
Thomas Pigford, Nuclear Engineering
Alan Portis, Physics
Lawrence Ruby, College of Engineering, Nuclear Engineering
Franz Schurmann, History, Sociology, East Asian Studies
Philip Selznick, Law, Sociology
Kenneth Harlan Simmons, Architecture
Joe Solis, Social Welfare
Erich G. Thomsen, Mechanical Engineering
David Templeton, College of Chemistry

Valyrie Jean Brown, CASMA
Michael M. Grant, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
Linda Finch Hicks, History
Eugina “Gina” Hotta, Berkeley Language Center
Rei-Shiun Lin, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Sean McGuinness, College of Natural Resources
Timothy McInerney, Information Services and Technology
Paulette Powell, Music
Ing Thongban, Physical Plant – Campus Services
Rob Weinberg, Integrative Biology

Staff Retirees

Margaret Baker, Information Systems and Technology
Sergeant James D. Bryan, UC Police Department
Joan H. Campbell, Financial Aid Office
Constance “Kay” Chan, Capital Projects
Lieutenant Merrill F. Chandler, UC Police Department
Eddie D’Andre, Environmental, Health and Safety
Lieutenant Rick L. Dillard, UC Police Department
Officer William Feuillard, UC Police Department
Lana Fukasawa, Professional Development Program
Alison Howard, Optometry Library
Lieutenant John E. Jones, UC Police Department
Adrienne “Grimes” Longley-Cook, Engineering
Lorraine “Rainy” Rust, Student Learning Center
Allen Skrede, Physical Plant – Campus Services
Ronald Harold Stevenson III, African American Studies
Chief Harold Taylor, UC Police Department
Officer  Johnny  C. Teel, UC Police Department
Helen Wang, Library

Undergraduate Students
Jillian Costello, College of Letters and Science
Misha Dawood, College of Natural Resources
Alexander Hathaway Irani, Mechanical Engineering
Duy Ba Khanh Le, Physics
Alex Aren Schaaf Lowenstein, Letters and Science
Lawrence Sunwho Park, College of Letters and Science
Sergio Castro Pinheiro, Anthropology

Graduate Students
Siyu Fu, Business
Henry Huang, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering
Carmen Nicole Mitchell, African American Studies
Bruce Wang, Business