Campus eco fashion takes off

Eco fashion show

Eco-fashionistas strut their stuff in Lower Sproul

Sustainable style hit the runway today as part of a green expo in Lower Sproul. Student models sashayed down a ramp to a pulsating GaGa-esque beat. Local purveyors of eco-friendly merchandise set up shop at booths and bar tables surrounding the action, while organizations like provided the campus community with practical ways to make the blue and gold go green.

Outfits ranged from sporty organic cotton pajamas and yoga togs to official Cal garb; high-end, all-green designer fashions for women; recycled fabrics crafted into trendy sun dresses; a solar paneled back-pack, and a tasty vintage gold lamé gown that would have done Jackie O. proud.  These cool looks, all local and all green, proved that while you may have to suffer to be beautiful—especially in those mile-high heels—you don’t have to make the whole planet suffer with you.